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"My inspiration comes from  Beauty highlighted through light , dark color and tonal  value changes and  my desire to realistically  express that beauty in a painting.


The focus of everything whole, is made

up of many tiny abstract parts.

Many small abstract pieces on the small

scale combine to produce one sharp

focused realistic single piece, as a whole.














"His version of Old Master's Painting

Based on Vermeer's,

  "Girl with a Pearl  Earring"

   Exhibited  @“Masters’ Copycat Juried

 Hammond Arts Council,  2016

Ralph's self taught  style of realism starts with

isolating small scale grids  of the image

source, then and analyzing the smallest

details of their abstract parts.


Each square grid of information is unique in

it's color  transition, tonal values, hues  and form.

To create a sharp clear image as a realistic

painting, Ralph zooms- in to those small

grids to interpret the information, then strives

to accurately and clearly represent each small

section onto canvas , with tiny thin brush strokes.

The more accurate the analysis and transference,

the sharper and more realistic is the finished product.


Through the process, those detailed parts combine

to become the large scale completed painting

on canvas.

In this way  Ralph pulls beauty from the abstract

detail and brings into clear sharp focus as a

complete  realistic painting on canvas.

Various grid sizes and brush strokes are often

employed  as  a different approach while 

painting painting the Figure /Portraits or



The differences in style in those painting might be

obvious to the viewer of those paintings.

Ralph Songy
Self taught Realist Artist
Painting in the genre' of Realism
​lives and works in Metro New Orleans, La.

The question of how paintings are made
to look "real", led to to years of study in
the processes of realism painting style
and technique.

​The answer was found in long observations
of paintings and photos on the macro level
and visual take-aways" each time, along
with the graceful help of intuitive color -mix
and brush strokes ,

Ralph paints on different levels in realism.
Still Life, and Land/Sea/Sky and Beachscapes,
He considers requests  to be commissioned
for  paintings of Portraits, and subjects


Ralph Songy

Lives and works in

Metro New Orleans, La.

Self taught 

Fine Art Realist Painter




2019 - CURRENT

   New Orleans, La

   Gallery 600 Julia

   600 Julia St

   New Orleans Arts District



2017 - 2018

   New Orleans, La

   Ariodante Gallery  Julia St

   New Orleans Arts District


2016 ​

    Hammond Arts Council

    Hammond, La

   "Girl with a Pearl Earring" , 2016

    Hammond Arts Council,

    “Masters’ Copycat  Juried Exhibit”

     Based on the original oil painting 

    "Girl with a Pearl Earring"
     by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.
    24 x 18, Acrylic on canvas    
     Painting was exhibited and it's image was

     selected for use in Hammond Art Council's

     print promotional material,  for the Copy Cat

     Exhibit event



     New Orleans, LA

     Bouffant (Magazine St Art Space)​



           New Orleans Street Tile"Tchoupitoulas Street" 

      House Portrait  "Evergreen Plantation"
      Portraiture,  "Melayao"
      Portraiture   "Muff"



      Still Life,        "Tchoupitoulas Street" - Cocktail Painting 

      Still Life,        ""Backlit" - Cocktail Painting 

      Still Life,        " Two Olives" Martini Painting

      Still Life,        "Cork WIne Painting""

      Still Life,        "Lecrema Wine Painting"

      Landscape,  " New Orleans skyline"
      Figurative,     " New Orleans Sax Player"
      Figurative     " Fisherman"
      Still Life,       " New Orleans Street Car"

                             (gifted, b.r.arts council)"



    Special Recognition

    Animals Art Exhibition

    Light Space Time Gallery,  2018.

    "Angel"  Pet Portrait



    Hammond Arts Council

    Hammond, La

   "Girl with a Pearl Earring" , 2016

    Hammond Arts Council,

    “Masters’ Copycat  Juried Exhibit”

     24 x 18, Acrylic on canvas    
    My painting image exhibited was selected

     for use in  Hammond Art Council's  print

    and on- line  material,  promoting

     the Copy Cat  Exhibit event

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